Does IBN provide one-stop service to investors?

Yes. IBN facilitates one-stop-service for investors. It has set up a separate one-stop service unit to provide the following activities:

  • To carry out activities regarding registration, approval, establishment of the company, renewal, transaction approval, etc. through the development of one-stop-service to facilitate investors
  • Issue recommendation letter to the relevant agency for project development
  • To provide Permanent Account Number (PAN) to investor
  • To recommend and facilitate FDI approval and repatriation based on prevailing laws
  • To facilitate for necessary industrial infrastructure required for project development
  • To facilitate foreign investor and foreign workers for obtaining visa and work permit as per existing law
  • To provide investment-related notices and information through the establishment and operation of an investment portal
  • To conduct/facilitate/recommend activities such as capital increment, the addition of objectives, change in objective, ownership transfer and relocation of a company established under existing law for project development
  • To recommend and facilitate all activities essential in relation to project development and management
  • To provide service to investors through development on one-stop-service
  • To carry out activities as assigned by IBN