Which sectors are restricted for foreign investment in Nepal?

The Foreign Investment and Technology Transfer Act (FITTA) 2019 has listed the following industries in which foreign investment will not to be granted:

  • Livestock farming, fish farming, apiculture (beekeeping), horticulture, oil-bearing crop, lentil, dairy business and other areas of primary agricultural products,
  • Micro and cottage enterprise,
  • Personal service business (such as hair cutting, tailoring, driving etc.),
  • Industries producing arms and ammunition, gunpowder, explosives, nuclear, biological and chemical (NBC) weapons; industries producing atomic energy, radioactive materials,
  • Real estate business (excluding construction industry), retail business, domestic courier service, local catering service, money changer, remittance service,
  • Travel agency, guide, trekking and mountaineering guide, rural tourism including homestay involved in tourism,
  • Media (newspaper/magazine, radio, television and online portals) business, and business-related to motion pictures of a national language,
  • Management, accounting, engineering, legal consultancy service and language training, music training, computer training,

Other consultancy services with foreign investment owning more than fifty-one percent.