Huaxin’s construction work moves smoothly

Kathmandu Amid the COVID-19 crisis, Huaxin Cement Narayani has completed earth excavation, around 98 percent of concreting, manufactured 91.5 percent of the steel structures and non-standard equipment, and erected 48 percent of steel structures and equipment installations in the process of constructing the factory in Talti, Dhading. According to the latest update provided by the project, they have submitted the supplementary Initial Environmental Examination (IEE) including the private and public land required by the company to the Department of Industry (DoI) on October 10. The project got the mining scheme approval on September 23.

OIBN facilitation to huaxin

OIBN recently decided to send recommendations to the Ministry of Home Affairs to grant permission to 58 foreign employees of Huaxin Cement to enter Nepal. In addition to this, 60 employees from China were brought into Nepal in the last three months under OIBN recommendation and facilitation. Similarly, OIBN sent recommendations to concerned agencies to allow for the importing of the necessary equipment on various occasions. OIBN also organized the Investment Facilitation and Monitoring Committee chaired by the Vice-Chairman of IBN with representatives from various line ministries and implementing agencies and raised issues related to the project such as the timely completion of transmission lines, acquisition approval of additional private and public land, upgrading the access road, and other concerns.
Meanwhile a high level team let by CEO Mr Bhatta inspected ongoing construction works in Huaxin Cement recently. Join Secretary Mr Mishra, Under Secretary Mr Ramesh Adhikari and Section Officers Mr Shashi and Ms Deepika Sitaula were also on the team. ♦