Land acquisition process moves smoothly for Arun-3 TL

KATHMANDU: Amid Covid-19 crisis, the process of acquisition of land moved forward smoothly in all seven concerned districts covered by Transmission Line (TL) of Arun-3 Hydropower Project. Chief District Officers (CDOs) who heads the Compensation Determination Committees (CDCs) in their respective seven districts accelerated the process of determining the compensation of lost land and non-land assets of the affected households. The CDC of Dhanusha district, the most affected district where sub-station is also located, has finalized the compensation for the land to be acquired for a proposed substation in Dhalkebar. Dhansha CDO  Mr. Kosh Hari Niraula informed a virtual joint meeting between Office of the Investment Board and CDC of Dhanusa held on 17th July, 2020 that the compensation for land in Dhalkebar area was fixed reasonable criteria. The CDC determined the land price taking into consideration the trading prices fixed by District Land Revenue Office, prevailing market prices and valuation of land by banks for lending purpose. The land prices were fixed in three categories ( Rs 6.2 million, Rs 5.8 million and Rs 1.7 million per kattha)  depending on the location of the land.

The meeting chaired by CDO Mr. Niraula, was also attended by the mayor of Mithila Municipality, chairs of respective wards and representatives from District Survey Office. Similarly, IBN Joint Secretary (technical) Ms. Mona Devi Shrestha, Senior Divisional Engineer Mr Jaya Ram Prajapati and concerned IBN consultants, SAPDC (SJVN-Arun 3 Power Development Company) team led by its CEO Mr. Arun Dhiman were present at the meeting.

Similarly, District Administration Office Mahottari also has started the process of determining the price of land for installing TL towers. At a joint (virtual) meeting with IBN on 19th July 2020, CDO of Mahottari Mr. Krishna Bahadur Katwal, who is also the convenor of CDC, announced to speed up the process of fixing the land price for TL as early as possible. The meeting

Mayors of relevant municipalities/Rural Municipalities and chairs of respective wards as well as officials from District Survey Office were present at the meeting, which was also chaired by CDO Mr. Katwal. However, compensation for non-land assets of landowners in proposed Dalkhebar substation are yet to be finalized.