OIBN Conducts PCN Development Workshop

KATHMANDU: The Office of the Investment Board, Nepal (OIBN) organized a one-day workshop on Project Concept Note (PCN) on December 7 to enhance the capacity of its staff. The workshop focused on how projects are prioritized and projects are packaged for development.  Mr. Anil Gandhi, an expert on Public-Private Partnership (PPP) and private investment conducted the workshop at IBN Office.

The workshop discussed key components of project development, including criteria for project prioritization, prioritization of PPP projects, pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, procurement, negotiation, and market sounding for potential projects. Mr. Gandhi highlighted the significance of the Detailed Feasibility Study, financial viability, international best practices on land acquisition, environmental and social aspects, stakeholder consultations, and procurement procedures, required for developing a PCN. While opening the training session, OIBN CEO Mr. Sushil Bhatta said the workshop was expected to chart out criteria for PCN for the development of quality projects for investment in the country. Mr. Bhatta also stated that the project development cannot move smoothly in the absence of a quality PCN. “A lot of background homework needs to take place while developing a PCN,” CEO Bhatta said.  More than 40 participants representing OIBN were present at the workshop.